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Discernment Counselling

If you are experiencing a very difficult time in your relationship and are thinking of separating, before you finalise the separation or divorce it may be helpful to take the time to explore how you got to this point, and gain more clarity. That clarity will allow you to choose one of these three courses of action:

  • Continue with the separation process and finalise it with peace of mind.​

  • ​Put the separation plan on hold for six months and work on the relationship in couple therapy, with the aim of breaking the negative patterns that got the relationship in trouble.​​

  • Continue with the relationship with no further action, having achieved more clarity and a renewed commitment towards the relationship.


Discernment  counselling is a short intervention, lasting usually between 1-6 sessions. The first session takes place together with your partner, while the subsequent sessions are generally one to one with the therapist.

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